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4 Reasons Why Buying Antiques is a Great Idea For Any Office or Home

  • by John Flur
  • 9 Months ago
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When you or anyone first think about antiques, they immediately think about old, broken down, no longer fashionable and not in line with the times.  However, the truth is quite different and you will find lots of people who disagree with you. Many of us grew up in homes where there was at least one item that could be categorised as an antique in our homes. Our parents and grandparents always seen the appeal in them and as you look closer, you too will see them quite different from what you had first imagined. There are many reasons why you should really consider having a number of antiques in your home and we will look at just some of them here.

  1. There’s always a story to tell – When we look at Sydney antiques we tend to forget about where they came from, who once owned them and who has sat in them or used them. If you are looking at an antique chair, think about who may have sat in that chair and what decisions they may have made that shapes society today. Antiques can tell you a lot of what happened before your time and may even give you a starting point as to who your ancestors were if the piece has been in your family for a number of years.
  1. Antiques are eco-friendly – how so, you might say. Well, if you buy an antique piece of furniture or a number of pieces of furniture, then you are doing your bit for the environment and keeping Mother Earth happy. You do this, because you are ensuring that new furniture is not made to suit your needs. No more trees have to be cut down so you can get your table and chairs as they have already been made and are waiting for you to buy them. This antique was made by hand and no machines were used, so no electricity was generated and so no fuel was burnt. Not many products can claim that nowadays.
  1. You are getting real quality – Modern furniture now is all mass manufactured in large factories by massive machines and is all held together mostly by glue and small screws. That is why the wardrobe, or chairs that you buy from that cost saving warehouse barely last you 3 years before they start falling apart. Antique furniture on the other hand is still here a hundred years later and is still fit for purpose. That is surely a testament to its quality and workmanship.
  1. Antiques go with anything – interior designers always like to put at least one piece of antique furniture in a new home as they know that it blends right in with anything. It adds class to any room, as well as energy and history. The antique allows us to compare the old with the new and to make contrasts that compliment both items of furniture. Antiques will never, ever go out of style and because of that, they are a wise investment for any home owner.

Get yourself into an antiques shop today and see what kinds of treasures await you. They are a wise investment and will increase in value as the years come and go.

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