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  • Ensuring the Integrity of Heritage Properties with Fire Safety Doors

Ensuring the Integrity of Heritage Properties with Fire Safety Doors

  • by John Flur
  • 7 Months ago
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There is a problem with some heritage properties in the UK. Historic buildings are categorised as listed buildings in many cases, and with that comes a legal responsibility to maintain a certain standard of quality. Depending on the Grade listing for a heritage property there are different requirements that must be met, and if you are considering refurbishing or renovating a heritage property you will be required to do so with care and consideration for those legal requirements, going through a strict planning procedure whereby certain aspects of a property cannot be altered, or must be restored to the exact specifications and using the exact materials used in the original form.

One aspect where it can be tricky with restoration of heritage homes is where there is also a legal requirement for a fire door due to health and safety regulations. How do you install fire doors that are functional and adhere to the strict health and safety codes, whilst at the same time maintaining the high standards linked to listed, heritage buildings? It is important that you seek out expert help from fire door experts with experience in assisting installation of fire doors within heritage buildings.

There are many different problems present when refurbishing a heritage home. Many are linked to homes that are suffering with damp, mould, lack or maintenance and problems with restructuring. When it comes to solving problems such as damp, or the need for the installation of fire doors within a heritage problem, it is so often found that old methods and new methods are used alongside each other without considering the bigger picture. The traditional craftsmanship must be considered in certain heritage buildings, but at the same time there has to be an awareness of the modern health and safety requirements that are also legally obliged.

The skill levels required are of a high standard when it comes to refurbishing a heritage property, and with the installation of fire doors this is of the utmost importance. All replacement internal doors for a heritage property must be fire rated in order to meet strict fire legislation standards. This is because in the majority of cases, heritage buildings by their very nature have been built in a way that fire could spread very easily due to the types of materials used in the construction of properties in the past.

The problem is that many of the timbers used for doors traditionally would not fit the fire safety standards now, so it is important to use a professional fire door installation service that understands how to use modern timber and materials that fit safety standards but can also replicate the original fittings in order to meet heritage standards.

For many heritage properties, whether grand homes, domestic properties, or large buildings used for art, artefacts and public spaces, fire doors are essential for the safety of inhabitants and visitors. It is also important that the original fittings, fixtures and designs are maintained to meet strict heritage standards.

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