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How to Install Any Heat Pump in Your Premises

  • by John Flur
  • 8 Months ago
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Some of you may be living in a region where during winter season, the temperature goes below the freezing point. However, if you are living in a warmer climate then perhaps heat pump will be more suitable option for you.

Following are the steps that you need to follow if you are planning to install any wall mounted heat pump which is also known as thermopompe murale.

Step 1: Install the condenser

Condenser must always be installed outside the room. The purpose of the condenser is converting and transferring the heat all throughout the room. You may drill ½” hole on the wall and install it. Make sure that it is 4 feet away from the house and there must be at least 20 feet clear space above and in front of it.

Step 2: Fix the Air handler mounting

Now find a suitable place for air handler that is meant for releasing cold or hot air in the room. It should be within a distance of 30 feet away from condenser and few cords will connect the two units. It should be 2 feet below the ceiling and be further away from TV. Mount it by drilling a 3” hole.

Step 3: Mount the air handler

Air handler is a heavy unit and therefore before lifting it make sure that all lines are properly fastened with the unit. By taking the cover off connect control wires, refrigerant lines and condensate hose. It will be good idea to use cable tie to neatly route the harnesses. Now lift the air handler and mount it in respective place. Make sure that it is very securely fitted with the mountings.

Step 4: Connection between air handler and condenser

Be careful and ask for help if you need it at this step. Route all the cable in a proper way and make the connection between outdoor unit with air handler. Take necessary precautions while making the final connection

Step 5: Cover the lines

Aesthetic point of view, nobody will like to see exposed cables are on the wall and hence you need to use any plastic covers of sliding type so that it can neatly cover all the cables and it may appear perfectly clean installation.

Step 6: Make final connection

Before covering the outside units, you need to connect vacuum pump and the gauge manifold with the refrigerant line. Finally, install the cover on the air handler.

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