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Make Your Attic More Accessible and Better Suited for Storage

  • by John Flur
  • 6 Months ago
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For the most part, attics are simply the result of having a pitched roofing system, and these spaces are typically left unfinished with exposed rafters and no reliable flooring system. While some attics are large enough to be converted into living spaces, others simply remain a small and awkward space in between your roof and the ceiling that can be used for storage. Even in these cases, attics aren’t exactly set up for this purpose.

If you want to optimise your attic space for storage, there are several adjustments that you can make, but the most useful are going to be installing an adequate floor and a reliable ladder. There are businesses that offer attic conversion services, and by investing in these services, you can quickly transform your attic into a usable space.

Give Yourself Something to Walk On

One of the biggest challenges with using your attic for storage is the lack of any real flooring system. You will be forced to carefully walk on beams that stretch across the floor of the attic to avoid crushing the ceiling, and storing your belongings in these conditions is not only difficult but potentially risky as well. Not to mention, it will be easier to lose items in the mess of insulation and other contents of the attic.

What you can do is install flooring platforms in your attic that are simple and affordable, and at Attic Lad Perth, you will have several different options. Flooring platforms will maximise the space that you have to store your belongings, and they will also make it easier to walk around and access your items when you need them later.

Make Your Attic More Accessible

In addition to a flooring system, a functional ladder will make your attic far more accessible, and you can either have both features installed or simply replace an old ladder that is either dangerous or difficult to use.

Having a reliable ladder ensures that you are able to access your attic safely and easily, and with a flooring system, you will have plenty of room once you get up there. Attic ladders are typically either aluminium or wood, and you will be able to choose between the two if you have a preference. You can hire a professional to install your new ladder in addition to your flooring system.

Other Attic-Related Services

A new ladder and a flooring system in your attic are going to make storing your belongings much easier, but there are a couple other features that you might consider for your attic as well. For example, you can make your attic dust-proof, which will protect your belongings and keep them dust-free, and in addition, you can install a ventilation system on your roof that will keep out moisture and keep your attic at a more comfortable temperature.

Together, all of these things make your attic more functional and easier to use for storage so that you can keep your belongings organised and protected.

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